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From Anywhere

If your customer could place orders from the comfort of their home, no matter where home happens to be, would they place more orders? Getting great meat should be easy and convenient, regardless of location or place.  Give customers the opportunity to connect with a real rancher and experience well-raised meat, no matter where they live. Our virtual e-commerce platform does just that, expanding market reach beyond the ranch to service remote and city-based customers alike. No matter where your customer calls home, each and every one will have same authentic brand experience in your online store. And you don’t even need to be there! Empowering customers far and wide to easily source and purchase your wares means you get more time on the back forty.

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At Anytime

If you could accept orders while fixing fence, would your sales increase? Timing is everything, especially when it comes to sales. Giving shoppers the freedom to peruse your meat aisle when purchase intent is high just makes sense. That’s why our e-commerce platform empowers customers to shop at a time that works for them, making purchase much more likely. Don’t lose another would-be sale due to wrong timing for your customer.  Organically boost sales with a shopping platform that gives customers the autonomy to order at the right moment for them, regardless of the hour. Our software also makes shopping consistent and reliable, delivering an authentic experience at the exact moment in time your customer is ready to purchase.

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In anyway

If you could make your customers happier while spending less time on sales, would revenue grow?  Yep, it sure would. That’s why we built a customizable, flexible management tool, so you can build a sales operation that suits your ranch and your customer base. You decide how to sell each product – by weight, or by unit. Mix-n-match flexibility allows you to do both: Sell high-margin products by weight to maximize profit, sell uniformly packaged ground products by unit to maximize ease. Flexible distribution gives you the power to choose which distribution methods to offer based on your specific operation. Offer customers any combination of on-ranch pick-up, local home delivery, or courier shipping. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all distribution. What’s right for you may not be right for other ranchers, or for your customer.

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Adapts to your ranch’s needs.

No two ranch operations are the same. Every day has new challenges. Our platform is built to accommodate the varying needs of small scale operations selling directly to consumers.

With features like shipping method selection, processing date inventory management, bundled products, Auto Re-Order subscriptions, built-in credit card processing and automated order communication… you’ll have everything covered.

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